I visit Quiksilver's headquarters!

I visited Quiksilver's headquarters in March.

It's April now.

This dance with Procrastination is getting old, and overcoming writer's block is no walk in the park.

I apologize, but all this post really boils down to is pics or it didn't happen.

L to R: Because Quiksilver employees Sonny and Catherine were cooler than cool. / Front desk / Lunch / It's important to know all sides of the fashion business, according to speaker Kiki La Tour, a Cal State University, Fullerton alumni. / Entering the really rad world of Quiksilver Inc.

Meet Greg (center), Quiksilver corporate recruiter. Behind him lies Quiksilver's screen print designs.

You can drool in awe, I won't tell.

spring eccentricity

Welcoming spring in an outfit that would either make Persephone, goddess of spring, proud... or cringe with distaste. Here's how it happened: I've been living in my ma's large, loose, and flowy nightgown, and today I decided to add a baby blue skirt to the mix (because it made perfect, incontestable sense to wear a skirt over a dress at the time). I took inspiration from elegant elven attire, Medieval peasant clothing, Belle of Beauty and the Beast, and the minimalistic yet edgy brand, Black Crane. All in all, this outfit is eccentric and incoherent, just like my life.

Irrelevant, but I have so much love for these two and now you will, too. ♥

february/march playlist

Art Crawl Experience Feb. 2014
Here are several songs I've played most since mid-February and all of March: Two months of past-curfew adventures, college festivities, art appreciation, live shows, and blogger's block because that's a thing, apparently.

R U Mine by Arctic Monkeys
Arctic Monkeys' R U Mine is extremely addictive. Prepare to listen to it four, five, or a million times.

So Long Woman by The Shivers
This song is poetry. Enough said.

Daddy Why Did You Eat My Fries by Marceline
You'll think one of two things when you listen to this "Adventure Time" number: This song is so sad yet so good, or I don't get it, it's fries.

Monsters Calling Home by Run River North
Brb making a shrine for Run River North, a Korean-American indie folk-rock band.

Educated by FEMME
"You burn a hole in my heart / You burn a hole in my head / I didn't want to be that educated." Relevant.

reign of black crane

"Black Crane is a reflection of how I live. It's super simple and comfortable. Effortless elegance is my eternal goal for my creation."
Momo Suzuki

"I started the line with my husband about five years ago. I wanted to create clothes to wear every day, and for the pieces to reflect the way I live. It's easy, relaxed clothing — almost like big cloth."
Momo Suzuki

Japanese-born, married designers Alexander Yamaguchi and Momo Suzuki

It's not everyday I brand crush (i.e. crush on a brand for all you slow folks). Life simply moves too fast I don't dare slow down and linger on a single brand for longer than necessary. Then along came Black Crane. This brand first caught my eye on October last year with its tranquil, lived-in ambience--and it's kept my interest since. I'm particularly drawn to Black Crane's ability to consistently create the most compelling and minimalistic clothing for everyday wear: square tees, origami tops, culotte pants, carpenter pants... yes please! Though Black Crane is unfamiliar and under appreciated by the world (C'mon, world. Get on that), I say let Black Crane reign.

Photos courtesy of Black Crane and Totokaelo.

Bucket List: Holi Color Fest

Holi Color Fest (03/08/2014) is hands down the best $5 I've ever spent.

Imagine head-bobbing to nonstop live music, receiving free hugs from friendly strangers, drenching anyone within a yard's distance in brightly colored powder, throwing up peace signs for photographers, chanting Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, and completely losing it at color countdowns—this is the Holi Color Fest experience and it rules.

Festival of Colors, or the World's Happiest Event, originated in India. The idea was, regardless of caste, race, and religion, Holi gathers friends and unites foes, and together they celebrate the beginning of spring. In short? It's an uplifting, brotherly event--a bucket list must-do.

What fascinates me most is the stirring love story of Radha and Krishna and its influence on Holi. One day Krishna, the eighth reincarnation of benevolent Lord Vishnu, paints Radha's face different colors. Long story short, seeing his fair-faced lover covered in every color of the rainbow knocks his socks off and amuses him to no end. To celebrate their immortal love, as well as to emulate Krishna's joy and excitement, Holi incorporates organic and environmentally friendly powder. Every hour, people gather at the front stage, countdown to one, and throw powder in the air to represent unity and social harmony.

not a pisces

not a pisces

Even though Zac identifies as a pessimist, and he's not a sucker for astrology or the zodiac, I'm convinced he's basically a guy version of me (except he's not annoyingly happy the way I can sometimes be): Zac frequents yard sales and goes to shows, he challenges ideas and social norms, he identifies as an introvert, and he says things like, "That's debatable." It's fun to pick his mind and hear what he has to say because he usually keeps to himself around people he just met *points to self*. His vibe's sort of like, "Who has two thumbs and doesn't give a shit? This guy." Alright, that probably wasn't the best example; in fact, I can't imagine him saying that unless he was joking, but what I'm getting at is, Zac's unapologetically himself (read: he owns up to being a sarcastic asshole -- his words, not mine), and I respect that.

60 degree chill

Currently listening to So Long Woman by The Shivers

The grapes on my head make people question my sanity, but it puts a smile on my face so on my head it stays. I'm also feeling especially grateful to my friend, Olivia, for being so cool and letting me keep the clothes I liked from her bags of "stuff to sell," which included the bandeau, floral blouse, and pattern trousers pictured. The world needs more sweethearts like Olivia, don't you agree? I digress, I wore this outfit for my friend Justin's 18th in January, back when a faux fur coat was winter-appropriate and borderline essential, considering his event took place outdoors in the 60 degree chill.

Featuring my ride or die girls circa 2006

I originally wanted to avoid any mention of Valentine's Day because it's a commercialized and consumerist Hallmark holiday, and to me it's more important to be sincere and honest than publicly romantic. Above all else, I worry that my younger cousins will think having a boyfriend or girlfriend is of the utmost importance (which it's not)... but the diehard Harry Potter fan in me couldn't resist sharing these!


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